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Your Options In Your Marriage

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A marriage is a deeply personal thing, but it is also an area that is overseen by the courts. When you need to end this partnership, the state of Connecticut has its own laws and rules surrounding how things must go. This can include the discussion of custody for any shared children, as the state… Read more »

The Increasing Importance Of Premarital Agreements

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When you and your current partner decide to take things to the next level, speaking with an attorney can help you to understand your options. On increasingly popular option is the creation of a premarital agreement, which details a decision of what should happen if the marriage ends. While this may seem like a demonstration… Read more »

The Role Of Premarital Agreements

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When you are contemplating the move into married life with your current partner, speak with your attorney about whether a premarital agreement could help you. This document is a signed contract between you and your future spouse, and it has become a staple of family law over the years. A premarital agreement can outline important… Read more »

Establishing A Premarital Agreement

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An increasingly popular solution for couples entering marriage is through the use of a premarital agreement. This option, also known as a prenuptual agreement (or commonly, prenup), is a contract that you and your partner collectively negotiate, defining certain stipulations as they relate to the marriage. Should the union dissolve, this process allows you and… Read more »

Are You Considering A Premarital Agreement?

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As humans, we set out to achieve a host of goals throughout life. Some of these are pre-ordained by society, such as starting a family, buying a house, and more, whereas many others are personal goals that are specific to an individual’s personal life journey. While we are all working toward our own goals, sometimes… Read more »

Debunking Myths About Premarital Agreements

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Ensuring that you and your family are protected when it comes to pursuing a legal matter is a passion our team holds strongly. Indeed, we recognize all too well that the core principles and values our nation touts are not always upheld in the most civil manner, and as such, we strive to provide a… Read more »

Executing Your Premarital Agreement

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Attempting to traverse the legal realm on one’s own can be rather daunting, especially if a person has not had experience doing so before. Indeed, whether the situation involves family matters, criminal court, or a completely different situation, it is usually best to meet with someone experienced in the field and have them on your… Read more »

Legally Defining Your Married Rights

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It goes without saying that nearly every major decision in life has a legal leg to stand on. What’s more? There are consequences that accompany major changes that are not properly reflected in legal doctrine. These can heavily influence a number of factors, including your income, housing, and more. When entering a civil union with… Read more »

When Custody Battles Get Messy

One of the goals many individuals possess is the hope to find a partner, start a family and live happily ever after. We understand that life is full of ups and downs, quarrels and disagreements, and more, and that sometimes that notion does not work out. When couples decide to divorce or separate, however, the… Read more »