Premarital Agreement Milford CTWhen you and your current partner decide to take things to the next level, speaking with an attorney can help you to understand your options. On increasingly popular option is the creation of a premarital agreement, which details a decision of what should happen if the marriage ends. While this may seem like a demonstration of mistrust, it gives you and your partner the opportunity to make certain things clear before you decide to enter into a serious partnership like marriage.

With our team of understanding attorneys at The Law Office of Larracuente & Golden in Milford, CT, you can work alongside your partner to craft a premarital agreement that works for the both of you. By outlining the things that are important to you, you can start your marriage with a clear understanding of your desires in case things end in divorce or separation. Your partnership is a legal one, so it is important to remember that this decision lasts well beyond the wedding, and we can help you to put your best foot forward in this next step!

Making The Decision To Marry Carries Significant Legal Weight In Connecticut

If you and your partner decide to have a wedding, take the time to remember that this choice can follow you long after your big day. Even if you have no reason to mistrust your future spouse, it can still be important to make certain things clear. Sometimes, people change over time, and the needs and desires of those involved in relationships can shift, as well.

When you two decide to make that leap, speak with a legal team who understands the process of creating a premarital agreement. This approach is becoming more and more popular with those looking to wed, so make an effort in learning about how they can help you to protect your rights.

You Can Help To Protect Your Most Prized Assets In The Event Of A Divorce

Here in Connecticut, the law is fairly clear in how finances should be separated during divorce proceedings, stating that things must be divided in an “equitable” manner. While this does not necessarily mean equal, it can serve as a helpful guideline for financial division. If you end your marriage without a premarital agreement, you could limit your future negotiation tactics, so take the time to talk with a talented attorney to learn about your options.

Learn More About The Role Of Premarital Agreements With Our Team In Milford, CT

The decision to enter into a marriage is a serious one, so learn about your options in protecting yourself if it should end. To schedule an appointment with our team, give us a call at The Law Office of Larracuente & Goulden, LLC in Milford, CT at (203)951-6688.