wooden gavel with usa dollar on desk. close up.Death is a rough topic for anyone, one that requires patience and empathy. Because of this, one of the more difficult areas of family law is probate law. Probate services consist of drawing up and executing a last will and testament, that can be presented in a court of law and accepted as a legal document that details your last wishes. Topics covered in a will include:

  • Discussion of heirs
  • Real property distribution
  • Financial allocation from accounts, investments, and more
  • Debt allocation
  • Intangible personal property such as stocks, bonds, holdings, intellectual property
  • Unproductive property such as valuables, including cars, jewelry, artwork, etc.

Purpose of Wills and Estate Planning

While it can be a delicate or troublesome matter to discuss, it is critical there is documentation with legal backing in the event you or your loved one were to suddenly pass. While the process of executing a will while mourning can be strenuous, it is much worse if there is no legal document to refer to that governs the process. Fortunately, the Law Office of Larracuente & Goulden is here to assist in handling difficult family matters such as probate in a compassionate and professional manner.

The probate process involves:

  • Appointing an individual to administer the estate
  • Ensuring the will is valid, proven in a court of law
  • Creating an inventory of the deceased’s real and intangible property and finances
  • Having the property appraised
  • Resolving unpaid matters or debts of the deceased
  • Distributing any remaining assets according to the will. If a will is not present, assets will be distributed by state law.

Caring for You Every Step of the Way

Whether you are estate planning or looking to establish a last will and testament, you will need the help of experienced and acclaimed attorneys to get the job done right. The Law Office of Larracuente & Golden, LLC values our clients and we are devoted to ensuring you are properly taken care of. Call our office at (203) 951-6688 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with our probate attorneys.