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Establishing Your Rights As A Father

establishing your rights as a father milford ct

When you decide to have a child, you are responsible for providing them with a healthy and stable upbringing. Sometimes, this situation is not as clear cut as it could be, and in these instances, talking with a trusted attorney can help you to understand your rights as a father. In the state of Connecticut,… Read more »

The Legal Side Of Establishing Paternity

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When you are able to set realistic goals and expectations, responsibilities and more in a premarital agreement, some elements of married life become much easier. When two partners parent a child and are not married or legally together, however, some inherent rights and responsibilities are not actually guaranteed. Because of this, future scenarios or situations… Read more »

Why You Might Want To Establish Paternity

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Family is an important thing that can mean something different for everyone. It can mean the people you are related to in a literal sense, specific friends that you hold close, a support network, an institution, and virtually any and everything in-between. While family-related matters should never be in question in terms of their characteristics… Read more »

We Can Help You Establish Paternal Rights

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Family law – just as various other types of law – can be a tricky and/or complex field to understand. There are numerous factors hinging upon your case, and the slightest misstep can cause the process to restart or even throw your matter out altogether. Indeed, careful consideration is needed when pursuing a legal matter,… Read more »

The Benefits Of Establishing Paternity

Many couples with children assume that being the biological father instantly awards an individual paternity. However, in Connecticut this isn’t as clear cut as many people assume. For couples who are not married or separated, legal paternity becomes a little murkier. Fortunately, your Milford, CT attorneys are experienced in family law matters, including establishing paternity… Read more »

Helping You Establish Paternity

While the law can seem straightforward to many that are unfamiliar with the terrain, there is actually quite a bit of depth to the process. Indeed, some areas of practice may be simpler to understand than others, but that does not mean a trained professional can’t help you make sense of it all. Establishing paternity… Read more »

Traversing the Complications of Establishing Paternity

Many individuals and couples strive to advance in their career, live a happy life, and for some, create a family. Creating a family can occur through a few different methods, whether biological, adoptive, or other, and couples raise their children together. Whenever couples divorce or separate, however, establishing and determining who receives what rights can… Read more »