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Many couples with children assume that being the biological father instantly awards an individual paternity. However, in Connecticut this isn’t as clear cut as many people assume. For couples who are not married or separated, legal paternity becomes a little murkier. Fortunately, your Milford, CT attorneys are experienced in family law matters, including establishing paternity and helping fathers maintain an active and involved presence in the lives of their children!

Connecticut Law on Legal Marriage

According to Connecticut law, the person married to the mother of a child is presumed to be the father legally. As a married couple, both individuals have protections, obligations, and rights as the parents of the child or children. However, when a couple is not legally married, legally these duties and rights can become unclear. Which means without the contract of marriage, a father could have a difficult time maintaining an active and involved role in the child’s law without legally establishing paternity., Fortunately, our team is ready and experienced in this subject!

Long-Term Benefits

Establishing paternity could provide a number of legal protections for fathers, and could include listing their name in the birth certificate, establishing inheritance rights, and a right to the father’s surname. Both of the parents will then have the ability to contribute financially, share parental obligations and responsibilities, and establish legitimacy. The child is able to receive medical insurance coverage from both individuals, and both parents will be able to seek custody or parenting rights should a divorce or separation occur. These protections help provide stability for your family, even during unstable times, such as a break up or divorce.

Starting the Process

Our attorneys have over 20 years of experience in family law, and helping individuals maintain and establish their paternal rights. We know how to navigate these murky legal waters, and how to make the process as simple and pain free as our clients want. The process will start with a consultation, so we can decide what services you need and begin a plan to move forward. You have nothing to lose with this consultation, so we urge you to take advantage! While you may be the father biologically, we want to make sure you have legal rights to be in your child’s life, and help make important decisions for his or her future. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please feel free to give our team a call. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping your family in these vital legal matters.


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