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We Have Experience With LGBTQ Family Law

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Laws and protections for LGBTQ families are still evolving and changing, which means when faced with common legal concerns, like custody, adoption, marriage, and divorce, you need experts in your corner. At The Law Office of Larracuente & Golden in Milford, CT, we have a team of talented attorneys ready to help you and your family, regardless… Read more »

What Does LGBT Family Law Cover?

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Family is an important support system, institution, and sense of belonging for various people, and nothing quite beats those types of bonds. Further, family can extend to mean more than just bonds established through biological means. It can be those created between two close friends, through adoption, and more. Though it is expected that family… Read more »

LGBT Family Rights In The State Of Connecticut

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Family law is an umbrella term that describes various family-related legal matters. These can include anything from adoption to divorce, custody, child support, premarital agreements, and other matters. As you might imagine, many of these experiences can be quite difficult or taxing on you and your loved ones, and as such, our team aims to… Read more »

LGBT Protections In Family Law

Making the decision to start a family can be both a frightening and exciting experience to encounter. After all, it is one of the biggest decisions you can make in addition to the fact that it is a lifelong commitment. Indeed, regardless of the route you choose to pursue this desire, there are guaranteed to… Read more »

Family Law – Why We Continue to fight for LGBT Rights

Family law matters can be stressful courses to traverse, from undergoing a legal separation to acquiring custody of children and so on. As attorneys, our role is to help you through the process while making the legal experience as seamless as possible for you. This means that Connecticut attorneys Larracuente and Goulden are dedicated to… Read more »