driving under the influence milford ctDriving under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs, or even prescribed pharmaceuticals can be a dangerous things, and that is why here in the state of Connecticut, we take it very seriously. Keeping other drivers and pedestrians safe is something that we need to do, and addressing drunk or high driving is a big part of ensuring that the roads are kept to a high standard. This also means that we impose strict penalties on those who have been found behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

With The Law Office of Larracuente & Golden in Milford, CT, you have a helping hand after your arrest. If you have been held and charged with a DUI in the state of Connecticut, you need to know the right information, and working alongside a trusted team of legal professionals can help you to better understand your situation. Our office knows the details of these laws in our state, and we can help you to know your options at every point in the discussion. Drinking and driving can lead to serious consequences, so if you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, learn more by giving us a call!

Connecticut Driving Under The Influence Laws Can Be Strict

As a driver, it is important to know the rules of the road. By making the decision to get behind the wheel of the car, you take on a very important responsibility, and the lives of the others on the road rely on your instincts and decision-making. If you are from another state, then the laws regarding a maximum blood alcohol content may be different from those that you know.

Here in Connecticut, our laws state that you are breaking the law if you operate a motor vehicle when your blood alcohol content (BAC) is at the level of .08 or above. For those under the age of 21, the limit drops down to a .02 BAC, effectively meaning that any drinking can put you at risk of breaking the law.

Finding The Right Legal Counsel Helps You Make Positive Moves

Connecticut DUI laws are strict, and that means that the penalties can be harsh, as well. The fines for a first-time offender in our state can range anywhere from $500-$1,000, and your judge may require a community service requirement of up to 100 hours. The state may also suspend your license, often for 45 days, which can be a difficult experience for those who need their cars to reach work or family.

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Driving under the influence is no joke in our state. To learn more about Connecticut DUI laws, give us a call at The Law Office of Larracuente & Goulden, LLC in Milford, CT at (203)951-6688 today.

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