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Seeking Legal Representation For A DUI

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When it comes to representing our clients, our team always aims to represent with an empathetic and understanding approach. Moreover, we know that your particular situation is unique to you, and as a result, we take care to truly get to know your situation and needs in order to provide the best representation we can…. Read more »

Lifelong Impacts Of A DUI Conviction

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While the legal justice system exists to, ideally, help individuals receive the justice they deserve, sometimes the field can be quite difficult to traverse. For example, establishing paternity, filing for divorce, and signing up for adoption are all considered family law-related matters, whereas felony convictions, seeking a pardon, and facing a DUI constitute criminal matters…. Read more »

Facing A Potential DUI Charge?

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It goes without saying that the law is around us in a variety of settings. For example, a police officer is intended to serve and protect citizens, a judge may oversee a divorce or legal separation between former partners, and an official of the state is needed to execute a last will and testament. The… Read more »

DUI Charges And Your Legal Rights

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In last week’s blog, we took a look at the ins and outs of a premarital agreement and what it means in terms of family law and married rights. This week, we are switching up gears a little bit to look at criminal matters and how they differ. More specifically, what it may look like… Read more »

What Are Your Rights When Facing A DUI?

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It goes without saying that experience, charisma, and vast knowledge of the law are necessary aspects for efficient representation in a legal matter. While a person certainly can represent themselves in a court of law, the chances of receiving a favorable outcome are unpredictable. What’s more? The facts of your case matter significantly, and being… Read more »