equitable distribution milford ctIn some states, assets and liabilities are divided equally under a concept known as “community property.” Here in our state, we operate a little differently, using a term known as “equitable distribution” instead. This approach aims to take a comprehensive look at the history of the marriage to reach a conclusion as to how to appropriately divide assets between the two parties, and this can look very differently depending on the people and circumstances involved.

At The Law Office of Larracuente & Goulden in Milford, CT, we know the value of quality legal counsel. By working alongside a trusted advocate, you give yourself the opportunity to learn more about your options and make informed choices at every point along the way. Equitable distribution can be a complex, and even confusing, thing to learn about during an already tumultuous time. To find out more about how Connecticut divides finances during divorce, call our office today and schedule a time to talk further about your needs.

Things Aren’t Always 50/50 In Connecticut Divorces

Each state has their own rules regarding marriage, and that means that each of them has their own laws surrounding divorce, as well. For nine of these states, that means adhering to a concept known as “community property,” which states that all property is subject to a 50/50 split between the divorcing individuals. Connecticut is not one of these states, and instead, we operate under a principle called equitable division or distribution.

With equitable distribution, the goal is to find a reasonable and just resolution to the end of a marriage by looking at a range of factors. Divorce is rarely a simple situation, and neither is a marriage, so this gives a judge a comprehensive view of things. they can look at the financial input of each spouse, as well as the familial input, such as parenting. They can also look at the reason for the end of a marriage in reaching a decision on a fair outcome.

Speak With An Attorney About Equitable Distribution

Understandably, the concept of equitable distribution can leave some confused. If you find that you are searching for answers, reach out to a trusted legal team and tell them about your situation. They can help you to understand the process, and a quality attorney can give you an idea of how similar situations have turned out. You also have the option to negotiate the terms of your divorce with your former spouse, so if this seems like a path forward for you, ask about your next steps.

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