The word or phrase Felony in a dictionaryIt goes without saying that every legal matter is going to differ from person to person, whether drastically or ever so slightly. Indeed, No one experience is the exact same as another, and as such, it is our philosophy that your situation should not be treated as though it fits into a specialized category. Additionally, this also means that some elements such as mediation, litigation, and others may or may not be included in your process, depending on your needs. In today’s blog, your Milford, CT attorneys discuss the implications of a felony charge in a broad sense, and how this process can affect your life in various ways.

Your Job Opportunities

Before you can begin to understand the impact of a felony matter, it is important to recognize what one is, to begin with. In the state of Connecticut, a felony is considered a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment for over one year. Additionally, felonies can be classified according to severity as A, B, C, D, and E.

In the state of Connecticut, law declares that public policy encouraging employers to hire qualified ex-offenders be recognized, but this does not mean you will easily be able to obtain employment for anything you apply for. Indeed, we have seen time and time again how law and precedent can be circumvented or avoided on technicalities, and many employers may be less inclined to interview an ex-convict over an individual with a clean record.

While in an ideal world, justice would be achieved and everyone would get theirs, but unfortunately, that is not how our world works. As such, it is important to meet with a qualified attorney to learn how you can stay protected during your felony matter. Give our team a call today to learn more.

Living Conditions and Travel

In addition to the impact on possible job prospects, a felony conviction can complicate free travel and where you are able to live. Indeed, just as some employers would not even think twice about throwing out your application, so do homeowners. What’s more? You can even be restricted from living in a specific area or complex, and you may not even be able to travel, depending on the felony conviction and the specification of your sentence. Meet with our team to learn more.

Family Obligations

Finally, previous felony convictions can influence your ability to be present in your child’s life. In fact, previous convictions can be considered when determining custody and depending on the specifications of your sentence or probation plan, you may be restricted from moving too close to or too far away from your loved ones.

Learn More Today

The most important thing to remember about felony convictions, however, is that each one is different and you should speak to a qualified professional. Contact The Law Office of Larracuente & Goulden, LLC in Milford, CT by calling 203-951-6688 and speak with our team today.