A man makes contact between people opponents. Arbitrator and mediator. Build bridges, seek a compromise in disputes and reconciliation of conflicts. Networking in business. Negotiation platformWhen determining if you have a legal matter on your hands, it is always important to do your research beforehand. While the internet can provide important information about the legal processes behind different types of issues, the internet will not be able to tell you exactly how your matter will unfold. Because of this, our team recommends at least reaching out for a consultation before filing suit so as to ensure the best possible outcome for your matter. In today’s blog, your Milford, CT attorneys explains how the legal process differs for different areas of the law, and how many things can be settled with mediation before having to reach the litigation stage.

A Step Before Litigation

It goes without saying that many people’s perception of pursuing a legal case involves a judge and the courtroom. While this is our typical depiction of what it looks like to hire a lawyer, the truth of the matter is that your day in court is dependent on a variety of different factors. For example, incorrectly filed paperwork, missing deadlines, inaccuracies, and much more can cause you to have to restart the legal process. What’s more? In many situations where this is the case, a matter is thrown out entirely.

Another important piece of information that you may not be aware of is that many cases can actually be settled much earlier in the process, before you even have to go to court. Indeed, there are options beforehand, such as mediation, that allow you an opportunity to settle your matter early. This process is known as mediation, and is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). For more information about this process and what it means for your case, give our team a call today.

Benefits of Mediation

You may be wondering why you would want to settle a legal issue with mediation as opposed to litigation and having your day in court. The truth is that litigation is a very time-consuming and costly process. What’s more? Pursuing a legal issue is not short-term by any means. For example, most minor employment matters can range between two the three months, and some even go on for years. Through mediation, however, you are able to have the opportunity to wrap things up quickly if both parties are willing.

Other forms of ADR

Mediation spending an entire day with each party in a separate room, and an independent third party known as the mediator going back and forth between the rooms and communicating negotiations.

In addition to mediation, another form of ADR involves arbitration. This process is similar to mediation, but has a few key differences.

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