drink and drive concept - sad drunk man sitting in the car after police alcohol test with alcometerIn last week’s blog, we took a look at the ins and outs of a premarital agreement and what it means in terms of family law and married rights. This week, we are switching up gears a little bit to look at criminal matters and how they differ. More specifically, what it may look like to seek legal representation for a DUI offense, and how our team can help. In today’s blog, your  Milford, CT attorneys discuss the impact of DUI offenses in the state of Connecticut, as well as how it can impact your personal record.

Driving Under the Influence

From the moment you stepped into your first driving lesson, one of the most emphasized lessons is the impact of driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. In fact, you were likely shown a video about the major concerns associated with it, including the danger it puts you and other drivers in. Indeed, drinking and driving is certainly no joke, and millions of people lose their lives every year to car accidents involving drinking and drug use.

Worst-case scenarios aside, there are a number of negative repercussions that arise from being caught driving while under the influence. Though the severity of these consequences will vary depending on what you are under the influence of and how much you are intoxicated, you can expect permanent marks on your record, potentially serving jail time, and more, to name a few. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today for your consultation.

Pertaining to Connecticut

In the state of Connecticut, a person over the legal drinking age of 21 with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher is considered legally intoxicated. That is about five alcoholic beverages or four shots of liquor. Further, an individual who is under the legal drinking age of 21 is considered legally intoxicated with a BAC of .02 or higher, which is about the equivalent of a single alcoholic drink.

Additionally, a charge of DUI and subsequent conviction can lead to suspension of your license, and it can be a difficult process to get it back. Reach out to our office today to learn more.

How to Proceed

Though lesser sentences and pardons can be granted to individuals who have demonstrated that they have repaid their debt to society, DUI matters are taken very seriously, and the chances of receiving a pardon are slim. As such, it is important to consult with an attorney in order to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

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