divorce in connecticut milford ctHere in Connecticut, we have our own rules and laws related to divorce. This means that even if you have been through this process before in a different state, you might have a different experience than with your previous marriage. We are here to help people navigate the world of divorce, whether it is your first time or if you have been here before. In our state, the courts have a way to separate finances in divorce, and they adhere to a concept known as equitable division. This approach gives the judge the opportunity to look at a range of factors in determining a fair distribution of wealth.

At The Law Office of Larracuente & Golden in Milford, CT, we know that during divorce, having the right information is a pivotal part of your journey. We also know that by having an advocate by your side, you give yourself a powerful tool in establishing and maintaining your rights. From the division of your finances to discussions of custody in your divorce, our team is here to help you to make sense of it all. To find out more, give us a call today!

Separating Finances During Divorce Is Not Always An Even Split

In some states, the courts adhere to a concept known as “community property.” This means that during a divorce, things can be divided equally between the two parties, but here in Connecticut, we approach things a slightly different way. Our state uses equitable distribution instead, which takes a range of factors into account when determining what is fair for everyone involved.

You and your former spouse have the opportunity to work together and negotiate the terms of your divorce, however. If it is time to talk about financial negotiation during a divorce in Connecticut, talk to our team about your next steps. We can help you to understand the law and how it affects your future.

Divorce In Connecticut And Your Shared Child

If you and your spouse have had a child together, then you have an additional responsibility to discuss with the court. The state of Connecticut has a vested interest in seeing that the child has a safe and healthy upbringing, and so the courts want to know that you two have a plan in place. If you and the other parent can come together to craft a parenting plan, it can be a help. These detail the rights and responsibilities of each parent so that there is a legally binding record of agreements.

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