LGBt adoption milford ctWhen you want to make an addition to your family, this should be a joyous occasion. Unfortunately, navigating adoption as an LGBT couple can be a little more of a struggle. Even though the law is on your side, you want to have a trusted advocate with you to ensure that your rights as a family are upheld at every step along the way. Take some time to meet with an understanding attorney about your LGBT adoption.

At The Law Office of Larracuente & Golden in Milford, CT, we support the LGBT community in their right to adopt children. Since 2017, you have been awarded the same rights as other couples in adoption through a ruling by the Supreme Court. That does not necessarily mean that every worker on your case agrees with this decision, and so having someone with you who understands the law can be a help. If you and your partner have decided to adopt a child, talk to our team about ways to protect your rights!

You Have Rights In Adoption, And Knowing Them Is A Big Step

Much has changed over the last few years in terms of rights for LGBT couples. 2015 brought marriage to couples of all sexual orientation through a vital Supreme Court ruling known as Obergefell v. Hodges. This landmark case opened the door for further family law changes, and in 2017, the Supreme Court ruled that people of all orientations and gender pairings are able to adopt children. These two cases provided groundbreaking support for LGBT families, and we want to make sure that you are able to take full advantage of them.

Not everyone agrees with these decisions, however, and when the people who disagree are involved in the adoption system, it could make things more difficult for you. Having a trusted legal team around you can make all the difference in protecting your rights.

Our Attorneys Bring Years Of Experience To Your LGBT Adoption

When you want to make an addition to your family, we can help you to navigate these tricky waters. Regardless of your background or sexual orientation, adoption can be a confusing experience if you are trying to do it alone. We are here to help you to make sense of the process. There is also an added level of protection necessary for LGBT adoption, and we can help to make sure that your rights are upheld at every step of the way.

Find Out More With Our Milford, CT Legal Team

If you and your partner have decided to adopt a child, take some time to learn about your rights. To find out more about LGBT adoption in the state of Connecticut, give us a call at The Law Office of Larracuente & Goulden, LLC in Milford, CT at (203)951-6688 today.