DUI Law Milford CTIf you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence in the state of Connecticut, take some time to talk with a trusted attorney about your next steps. In our state, this is a serious offense, and a conviction can result in lasting consequences. Even with recent changes in employment laws, there are still ways that people can find out about your past, and by avoiding the conviction from the start, you give yourself the ability to keep your background searches clean.

With our team of expert attorneys at The Law Office of Larracuente & Golden in Milford, CT, our goal is to help you to avoid a conviction for driving under the influence in the state of Connecticut. Our courts here take this offense seriously, so it can be helpful to find legal counsel early on in the process. This can give you more opportunity to work alongside your legal team in crafting a defense, so if you have been waiting to talk with a lawyer, start quickly in order to make positive steps toward reaching a resolution!

When You Are Arrested, Call Your Lawyer And Stay Quiet

If you have been arrested, it is important to know your rights. During your arrest, they may have informed you of your ability to keep quiet until you speak with your attorney. Not only is this a right that is available to you, it can also be helpful advice for your case. While you may be supportive of law enforcement, remember that their job is to arrest people who are suspected of committing a crime. When they are speaking with you, they are not doing it out of love. For this reason, it is helpful to remember the name and telephone number of a trusted attorney for when you really need it!

A Lawyer Can Give You Tools In Avoiding A Conviction

During your arrest and subsequent criminal case, your attorney is a positive source of information. Rely on your legal professionals to give you the guidance that you need to find a resolution, and by following their advice, you give yourself the opportunity to reach a suitable resolution. You may be able to avoid a conviction for your DUI, but this hinges on speaking with a lawyer quickly after your arrest. While you wait, the state strengthens their case against you!

Find Out More About Your Moves After Arrest With Our Milford, CT Attorneys

To learn more about the ways that an attorney can help you after being arrested and charged with a DUI, give us a call! Schedule an appointment with The Law Office of Larracuente & Goulden, LLC in Milford, CT at (203)951-6688 today.

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