Silhouette image of a businessman with broken chains in sunsetWhether you are looking to start a small business, need assistance with your personal injury claim, or even seek representation for a criminal case, not much progress can be accomplished without an acknowledgment of the law. Indeed, federal and local doctrines govern most of the decisions and outcomes of legal matters, and nearly every large decision relies on the court system to accomplish this. Still, sometimes complications arise and a legal proceeding may not be ruled on correctly, requiring the assistance of experienced individuals to correct. In today’s blog, your Milford, CT attorneys will take a look at the pardons process, and why you require proper representation to maintain your rights.

Mistakes and Mistrials

It goes without saying that the system in and of itself is flawed. After all, if it were a perfect one, we would not see minorities persecuted at nearly triple the rate of their Caucasian counterparts. What’s more, political leanings, ideology, orientation, sex, and countless other factors endure significantly more weight than they need to be, and thus, injustice ensues.

When it comes to crimes of high caliber, the same narrative dominates the courts. As a result, individuals can become wrongly convicted of a crime without much recourse for resolution. What’s more, individuals can more than pay their debt to society and still must endure a never-ending fate if a court deems it so.

In order to combat corruption and provide protection against injustice and unjustified sentences, the government makes it possible for individuals to receive pardons. These can be granted before or after a conviction, and relieve the individual in question of some or all legal consequences. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

The Severity of the Situation

Because criminal convictions are deemed crimes of high severity, the stakes are high when an individual is convicted of one. For instance, a person can lose their right to vote when convicted of a criminal offense, and many experience significant trouble and hardship. What’s more, the damage done by the penal system is difficult to reverse, meaning that if an individual were wrongfully convicted, the cost is significant. To learn more about this process, reach out to our office.

Advocating For You

Pardons can be granted in the event of a false ruling or if an individual is deemed finished with paying their debt to society. As we know, the system in and of itself experiences corruption in many areas, and it is our duty to ensure you receive the justice you deserve.

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