A beautiful couple of lesbian ladies having fun in the park with their adopted teenage daughter. The young family sitting on the ground, playing patty-cake, laughing. Autumn trees in the background.In last week’s log, we looked at the possible consequences and options for recourse if a party did not honor their end of a family law matter. While this may be a concern for a number of individuals, an even bigger concern may be the legal system itself. While it is true that there are laws and mandates in place that are meant to protect the rights of LGBT individuals and families, the sad truth of the matter is that a significant number of players in the legal realm utilize their advocacy skills and inherent biases to keep certain groups oppressed. In this week’s blog, your Milford, CT attorneys will address the possible limitations you may face in your family matter and ways that our team can help.

Not all Laws are Properly Upheld

Surely if laws are in place, everyone would be treated with respect and equality, right? It certainly goes without saying that we know that is obviously not the case. We see persons of color, LGBT individuals, and more groups constantly being treated lesser, barred admittance to certain jobs and groups, and even straight-up discrimination. That being said, consider that attorneys, judges, and more have dedicated their careers to interpreting the law and advocating for specific outcomes. In other words, if it can be used to argue why a same-sex couple should be allowed to adopt children, it can be used to argue against that right as well. In fact, it was not until June 26, 2017 that the Supreme Court of the United States reversed a previous ruling to establish that same-sex couples be treated the same as and held to the same standard as opposite-sex couples when it came to adoption. That’s less than three years ago! And what’s more, business owners, government officials, and many more continue to manipulate the situation to keep groups of individuals that they deem inferior under the standard of fair treatment, which is exactly why an experienced and passionate attorney is needed to help.

Setting the Record Straight

Combatting inherent systemic bias can be a difficult process at times, as we are dealing with a centuries-old notion that never seems to improve by more than a fraction at a time. While that may be the case, we also cannot sit aside and allow it to continue. Having a compassionate lawyer that not only knows the ins and outs of the law, but the dedication and expertise to properly advocate for you is crucial, especially now more than ever. To find out how we can represent you best and ensure the best possible outcome, regardless of background, contact our team today.

Advocating for Your Rights

Even though we are told that we are moving forward toward a more equitable society, much has yet to change. Contact Larracuente & Goulden, LLC in Milford, CT by calling 203-951-6688 to find out how we can help you in your legal matter.