mediation milford ctWhen you and another person have a dispute that you need to resolve, mediation can be a way to approach the conflict in a way that looks to reach a point of consensus. This is a problem-solving process that is aimed at finding a solution, rather than sustaining or increasing tensions between you two. For many people, reaching a solution that is fair for both parties is more important than a day in court, and meditation can be a way to move forward without the need for acrimonious litigation.

At The Law Office of Larracuente & Golden in Milford, CT, we can help you to understand all of your legal avenues, including conflict resolution through the mediation process. By working with an unbiased third party, you and the other person can work toward a consensus, and since this method operates outside of a traditional courtroom setting, it can be a helpful way of cooling things down. Your mediator is your guide to a resolution of your dispute, helping you to find a path toward moving on. To find out more about the role of mediation in the Connecticut court system, give us a call today!

Mediation Gives You A Different Option

Sometimes, disagreements happen in life. When those rise to the level of civil liability or criminal misconduct, then the court system is in place to help resolve these situations. But not every instance is best served by litigation in a courtroom, and for these times, mediation is an option to find a fair way through with the help of an unbiased third party.

The mediator is a key element in the process of mediation in Connecticut law. Since they see no benefit or disadvantage from the outcome of the dispute, they can take a look at the facts and help you two to come to a consensus. Often, this is a more suitable solution than a courtroom setting can provide.

Settling A Dispute With The Help Of A Third Party

Your perspective is an integral part of you, and the same can be said about the person on the other end of your conflict. This is why it can be so helpful to have the help of an unbiased third-party mediator. With an impartial person who has been trained to handle disputes, you have the chance to look at your conflict as a positive thing, where you and the other person can collaborate on your resolution.

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Working with a mediator can help you to work toward a fair outcome. To learn more about settling disputes with mediation, give us a call at The Law Office of Larracuente & Goulden, LLC in Milford, CT at (203)951-6688 today.