Dictionary definition of word pardon, selective focus.While a number of legal matters out there afford the ability to represent yourself, without the proper knowledge and background, you probably will not achieve the best outcome and could even make matters worse. In cases such as family law disputes, having an attorney on your side can be helpful when traversing the nuance of your matter. In criminal cases or other matters, however, it could literally be the difference between death, life imprisonment, and being completely innocent. In today’s blog, your Milford, CT attorneys will address the importance behind having proper representation and how big of a difference that makes in cases where you are seeking a pardon.

What is a Pardon?

At its core, a pardon is essentially an exemption from punishment for a crime that an executor issues, such as the President of the United States or a state Governor. Typically, the final decision is not subject to judicial review or oversight, making it a finite result. What’s more, these decisions often factor in the public welfare and whether there is an unfairness that he courts correct, meaning that coming to the decision is significant. It can be granted at different levels or types, including full, which unconditionally absolves a person of their conviction and all of the consequences of a crime; partial, which only relieves a person of some of the punishments listed; absolute, which is granted without conditions; and conditional, which indicates that a condition must be fully met before the pardon can take effect.

Are You an Eligible Candidate?

Keep in mind that a pardon does not necessarily indicate that a convicted person is innocent, but rather, restores civil rights that are typically lost during the conviction process, including the rights to vote, run for public office, right to serve on a jury, and more. What’s more, they can be viewed as tools to combat corruption within the system and offer an added layer of protection. To determine if you are an eligible candidate to be pardoned, your first step is always going to be to consult with an experienced attorney so that they may be able to hear the entirety of the situation and address how they can assist from there.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

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